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Film Lectures Series

Learn: Character/Camera/Lighting

 Guest Speakers/Instructors 

 Cinematographer IATSE 600 DoP. Film and Video technician 60 Music Videos, and over 300 Television Commercials, and the list of filmmakers he has worked ranges from Ridley & Tony Scott, Michael Mann, Michael Bay to Spike Lee, just to name a few  With a production company and equipment rental company. Currently Director of Photography of a Netflix project

Director/Cameraman Writer/Director of Paradoxical Film &ACR Film. Store Director 8 years  for Red Digital Camera, Film instructor and Director of the Underground film events at Red Digital.

This is NOT a Bootcamp class, however you will learn about what's needed to be on SET and how the camera develops the character.




Instructor: Joan Gringer with additional guest lecturer from IASTE (Local Crew Union ia477) or above the line crew.Joan is an executive producer and consultant with over 30 years of experience. As film production producer she has worked with over one hundred advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies in New York/Tri-state area, Detroit, Boston and Los Angeles. Producing over 200 commercials and many of them award winners. Also working with top celebrities as endorsements for product placement. She is also a member of the WIFT (Women in Film) LA Producers Network and an advocate for Film Florida. She is recognized by the Film Commissioners of FL.