Four Programs for Future Teen Filmmakers

Quiet On the Set! Teen Filmmakers now has 4 programs for your organization/city to choose from

"QOTS", "BACK TO ONE", "DAY PLAYER", "TREATMENT"   Check it out on website  


We made the News!!!

YAY! an article about Quiet On 'the Set! Teen Filmmakers, Program in a SouthFlorida Newpaper Cahoots. 

Here is the copy of article. Newpaper below.

Please read you will know more about us.

Joan Gringer, film producer extraordinaire is driven to launch her unique program that creates career insights and training for disadvantaged teens.

For over three years Joan Gringer has been relentless in launching her program Quiet On the Set’ it’s taking more time than it takes to produce most major films, but she’s not giving up on her quest. She knows her industry well and is committed to inspiring and coaching teens as to who they can get into ‘show biz’ and commercial production. Unfortunately without funding helping it go forward the program is stall in neutral. If you sit through movie credits you see how many different jobs there are in film production that employs millions of product.
‘The Quiet On The Set’ goal is to teach local teens the creative artistry, science and business of filmmaking while challenging their imagination and engaging them in a meaningful group activity.  It’s a special form of recreational instruction whereby the teens become fully immersed in the film process from script development through first editing. Kids have learned a lot, work together as a team and created their own short film. The end of the program is the beginning of their film industry career if they choose to pursue it.
“Our projects invite teens to create relevant topics and make them into films.” Joan explained. “Kids are more creative than they think “ she added “Helping them bring out all that talent is what the program is about”
Ms. Gringer’s credentials make her the perfect character too play the lead role in this highly creative endeavor. She’s a native New Yorker who has been in the advertising and entertainment business for over 25 years. Working with world-class ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies. She has produced over 200 commercials, many of them award winners. Joan has been a judge for the International Emmy Awards as well as a guest speaker on film production at New York University, The New School and UCLA.  A South Florida resident for over 10 years, she is a volunteer and an Associate Member of the Creative Arts Council of Dania Beach helping build a better community through the arts. Even Ms Gringer’s methods of raising money are creative. She has pursued sponsorships, crowdfunding donations and grants. Thus far she has only managed to raise a small amount but she is not ready to cancel her commitment. She needs the money for the talented industry specialists she uses her workshops that are conducted throughout each program. “ I pay them as I need to count on them to be where they are needed” Joan emphasized. Just like a big time production, all the timing and logistics are critical.
To help partner support for the program “Quiet On the Set’s first production was a promotional video. The teen film crew members were unanimous in their praise of the program. “Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to get into the film industry”said Piero Penizzotto. “It exposed me to all the different jobs that I can get into.” added Nolan Nwachukwu
Finally Adjail Edwards said ”Before I came here I thought it was just the director, cameraman and actor. All the different aspects and elements to making are extraordinary to me. This program will expose all kids to all the different careers I think this program is amazing
In her journey  to secure the funding she needs Joan has teamed up with Big Brothers, Big Sisters Broward County to make the program available to the teens. The local chapter has submitted a number of grant proposals for the program for they believe in it’s potential and are thrilled to be able to partner with Quiet On The Set initiative . The chapters program  Anne Gardiner had nothing but high accolades. “We definitely endorse Joan’s Quiet On The Set Program” she said “Having an avenue for our kids to gain the skills, knowledge and career explorations is a real boost for them” she continued ’Many of them never had a chance to experience this kind of hands on training. Being on a real set gives them a chance to come out of their shells. It’s wonderful for our kids and Big Brothers and Sisters. It really enhances our role as a positive force in the community”.  At press time, Joan had not still not secured the funding needed but remain optimistic. Recently SpringBig a pioneer in marketing solutions donated 20 tablets. If you are a company or individual interested in being a sponsor or donor to help “Quiet On The Set’ becomes reality you can get more information and see a video about the program at or you can reach her by email at






Sizzle Film Shoot

Quiet On The Set! Teen Filmmakers Program produced their sizzle film at ARRI Camera Rental in Dania Beach Thursday, February 26.

The Quiet On The Set! Teen Filmmakers Program produced a “sizzle film” which is being used to promote the value of the Teen Filmmakers Program as a tool to help enhance the lives of disadvantaged teens.

Quiet On The Set! Teen Filmmakers Program has made a difference in teens lives. As it allows teens to express themselves and learn new skills by writing and producing a short film in after-school workshops, it effectively meets the needs of these teens through educational enhancement, technical training and life skills development using recreational style instruction.

The film’s production was helmed by program director of Quiet On the Set!, Director/Producer, Joan Gringer. Directed by Larry Morales of TV
Mambo Productions,
Luis Cruz, Sound Engineer and with Craig Chartier from ARRI Camera Rental as Operations Manager; teen students sat on camera boxes surrounded by camera equipment and engaged in a roundtable discussion of film production. The discussion gives a view into the workings of film with definitions of crew titles and production positions and how work in film can provide future careers for interested teens.

The students were given a “character” exercise in which a character is developed by expressing their living conditions, wardrobe, language, family and friends without any dialogue. Some of the students were from Big Brothers, Big Sisters- Broward County, with Ofelia DeLuca BISS Team Leader and Tamara Ryan, Case Manager. from BBBS. 


Sizzle Film Teens

We are looking for teens ages 14-18 years old to be in our Sizzle Film February 26th @ Arri in Broward County, Florida, please fill out your information on our Contact Page and mention Sizzle Film in Memo. Please no actors. Thank you.


Advice on Hiring a Videographer

As a Producer, I am constantly asked about finding/hiring Videographers, whether it be for self promotion, symposiums, weddings, events, conventions etc. I always give this advice on how to hire.

1. Ask to see the work of the videographer.

2 Ask for references

3. Call references

4. Bid on at least two videographers.

5. Make a spec list of what you want and need in the video

6. Have videographer add their ideas

5. Don't always go with the lowest price, and don't use ideas of competitor price.

 Reason: Lower price may be only in videographers fee, higher price may have more money in  production, Using competitors ideas is not good business. Competition speak with each other.

6. When awarding the job, make sure the dates are accurate

7. Go over specs of all that you want in the video with the videographer. Make sure you show whats important. What's the money shot. The people, the location etc. 

8. Introduce the players to the videographer. If anyone is making a speech etc. The Videographer should know about their speech. Introduce the people that you want in the video. Family, speakers, audience participation. etc.

9. Decide on music as background for video. Videographer should have examples and make sure they are copyright.

10. You may have graphics or photos to include. Always make sure you have rights unless this is just for home or office use only.

11. Perhaps you want an VO [voice over] yourself, someone at event, professional.

12. Editing is crucial. Ask for a rough cut of video before your final approval.

Having a video of your event is timeless, make it so you don't get bored watching over again.

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