Quiet On The Set! Teen Filmmakers Program, LLC 

  [4] Programs designed for inner-city, at-risk & addiction recovery young adults

1."QOTS"  Full Film Production Program with Producing a Film

Teaches film production to inner city urban teens from scriptwriting, cinematography, to the editing of their own film.  The process of the program provides teens with opportunities to be creative, and inspired by the professional filmmakers that work with them as they are introduced to the technology, and gain skill and self-esteem.  The group dynamic of working towards a result, the short film, requires cooperation and collaboration which has enormous influence on their potential futures.  The program is free to the teens participating. 

It’s an exciting and challenging after school program designed to teach High School Inner City Teens the creative artistry, science and business of filmmaking, with the hands-on experience of creating a film from the writing stage all the way to the final edit.  

The program consists of 14-16 two-hour workshops and one full filming day. These teens will receive detailed instruction in scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, set design, lighting, sound recording, and music, taught by working film professionals, each a specialist in his/her own area of expertise.

Students audition to obtain their position on the filming day. Once their roles are confirmed, the students spend a ten-hour day on location where they film their movie that will culminate in a finished 5-10-minute film. During filming, the students will be under the close supervision of select instructors who will allow student creativity to blossom as they work as a team to complete their own film.

The storylines are regulated to be non-violent, contain no objectionable subject matter or drug content.

When the film is finished, it is screened for the students, their family and friends, plus awards are given.

Their films are to be entered into Student Film Festivals.

 All Workshops will be taught by working professional filmmakers locally and by Skype from around the country.

 Finale Event

When the film is completed, it will be screened for the students, their families, friends, and our staff in a RED CARPET event with their certificates and trophies.

Gown and Tuxedos for the teens will be provided by local organizations dress drive to provide red carpet dresses/tuxedos and accessories to high school girls/boys who could not afford to purchase them e.g. http://www.beccascloset.org

The student films will be eligible for entry into Student Film Festivals across the country and internationally.             

2."Back to One"© Film Facility Tours

This program is for students to understand all the departments of filmmaking. Students will visit the studio facilities of the departments that complete the filmmaking process with a crew specialist explaining their procedures.

Students will have class for two hours at different locations

Students  observing Film Production by attending workshops at different venue facilities. 

At each venue a filmmaker lecturer will speak about their expertise
Examples of Facilities
Animation Studio
Casting Studio 
Voice Recording /Music Studio
Camera Shop
Edit Suite 
Prop House 
Sound Stage 

At each venue a filmmaker lecturer will speak about their expertise.
In addition Skype visits of sets/locations with crew members across the country.



3."Day Player"© Lecture Series 

Various Film crew members from the filmmaking industry give lectures on their positions in a classroom with TV Monitor for Skype. 
Instructors come with equipment or tools from their trades. 
6-8 workshops. Each seminar is 1-2 hours


4."Treatment©" Scriptwriters Series

Through weekly writing, reading and viewing assignments, students will learn about screenplay structure, character development, dialogue, log lines and treatment writing. This workshop explores the key concepts and fundamental principles involved in the process of screenwriting

Students will work in groups developing a script. Each group will develop their own storyline. Student read oscar winning short film scripts then screen films. The final project will be an original, self-contained, short screenplay [for a short 5-7 minute film]which students will write and revise. Professional actors will have a table reading for the students.