Sponsorships Needed


 Program Director/Producer Joan Gringer has advertising and marketing experience for over 30 years. She is connected/belongs to major Film and Advertising associations/organizations. Joan knows how to market your product and/or service with Quiet on the Set! 


The program purpose is to provide urban teens an opportunity to become inspired by, and develop an understanding of film production.  During the program the teens will, under the guidance, of the professionals in each area, develop hands on basic skills in film production and produce a short film. 

We welcome sponsorships.

You and I were blessed in this life with many opportunities. These urban inner-city teens are not so lucky. This project is a chance to give back, to give a teen a glimpse of what a wider world could have in store for him or her. 

Every Sponsorshp counts. Together we can make the difference in our communities.

 Let us know if you need more information or have questions. 

You know better than anyone that one gesture means creating possibilities, hope and brightening the future for todays youth.

PLEASE CONTACT US at joan!quietontheset.us for all information. A plan will be tailored made.











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