Instructor Testimonials 

The experience was one of the best this year for the store with the student workshop. The student were attentive and excited to learn the camera system, and impressed with what RED Digital Cinema that we have to offer, and the RED eco system. Everything was conduct in a timely matter and very professional. the student ask a lot of question during the workshop. They engaged was very positive & inserting, towards the class

 Freddy R.


Setting up our meeting time was easy, the entire lecture and tour was enjoyed by the staff due to the interest of all the students involved.

Yes, the students were attentive and interested in the processes of both animation and game creation, questions were asked at the appropriate times for more information about the film making aspect of the processes.

Philip F.


Student Testimonials

Red Digital 

The lecture was great, short, sweet, simple, just perfect. My favorite part of the tour was the demonstrations and being a model for them. I liked how we were able to engage with the process of learning about lightning and the importance of telling a story through a lit room.   Tiffany O.

Learn to work with cameras and lenses     Aniyan J.

Being on the camera   Jeremiah J.

That you can use light with camera   Oscar R.


VER Rental

What I like about the facility is how organized it was and the workers were professional and how the components to a  camera and every person has a different job   Kamal A 

 I learned the proper way to check up on your equipment to make sure all is up and running smoothly.  Tiffany O.